Why Become 

an Individual Member

Some of many reasons to join PCE Europe

Why join

  • To be supported and a part of international community of counselors, psychotherapists and trainers.

  • To get informed about our activities, new projects and meetings on regular basis.

  • The right to have a voice in the formal organisation of the Network through meetings designated as ‘round tables meetings.

  • To help to build the future of PCE through participating in our multiple projects in such variable fields as social awareness or research knowledge exchange.

  • To be directly involved in activities and decisions of PCE Europe - be able to vote during our General Assembly, be a member of one of our committees or be elected as a Board member.

  • To participate in our encounter groups for person-centered and experiential practitioners - counselors, psychotherapists and trainers.

  • 50 euro discount for PCE Europe Symposium participation fee.

  • To participate in workshops developed by PCE Europe and partners at a discount.

  • Discounts for events, workshops, publications and other benefits that may vary from time to time.

  • Th have the opportunity to build your own projects with the support of the international community.

Who can join

  • A member of an Organisational Member of PCE Europe, see Statutes and Bylaws
  • If there is no Organisational Member of PCE Europe in your country, please do not hesitate to contact us on: members@pce-europe.org

  • Adhere to PCE Europe principles and Goals

  • The regular membership fee for individuals is 25 Euro annually.
  • The concessionary fee is 15 Euro for difficult financial situations or economical disparities.
  • You can decide for yourself whether you can afford the regular membership fee.