Upcoming Events

WAPCEPC Conference 2021 - online & Auckland, New Zealand

14th World Conference for Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling 

"Tihei mauri ora: Contact, culture, and context", 20-23 June 2021

More info here: PCE 2021

Cross Cultural CommunicationInternational Person-centered Workshop - Pécs, Hungary

16-22 August 2021

More info here: Cross Cultural Communication International Person-centered Workshop

PCA Forum 2021 - Rome, Italy

The XVIth International Forum of the Person Centred Approach 

"Quiet Revolution in the World: Building Bridges", 3-8 October 2021

More info here: PCA Forum 2021

Symposium 2021 - Bucharest, Romania

"Loneliness and Intolerance. The PCA View of Today's Challenges", 3-5 December 2021

More info here: Symposium 2021

WAPCEPC Conference 2022 - Copenhagen, Denmark

15th World Conference for Person Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling 

"How Can I be of Help? - Formulating and Facilitating Change Together", 4-8 July 2022

More info here: PCE 2022