The 4th Symposium of PCE Europe

“Loneliness and Intolerance.
The PCA View of Today's Challenges”

PCE Europe and the Romanian Association for Person-Centred Psychotherapy

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The aim of the symposium is to bring together practitioners, students and those interested in the Person-Centred Approach to reflect on how this specific approach can provide useful resources and inspiration for practice, as well as for learning and living during those difficult times that the world and the entire humanity are currently facing.

This symposium will offer keynotes, workshops, lectures, round tables and poster presentations. 
We are calling for presentations from the participants in the hope of having an exchange of experiences, views and ideas. 

Symposium: December 3-December 5, 2021 

Pre-Symposium Course (Research): 2-3 December, 2021           

Post-Symposium Course (Pre-therapy): 6 December, 2021

Leisure Day: One Day Two Castles, 2 December, 2021

Scientific Committee, Organising Committee

Call for Papers 

Timetable, Programme, Pre-Symposium, Post-Symposium

Conference Fees, Refund Policy


Scholarships and Free Accomodation



Credits: This event will be accredited by the College of Psychologists of Romania and by the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy.

Language: The main language of the conference will be English. We also really wish to encourage and enable people who do not speak English well enough to attend the symposium. Therefore, so far as possible, we will provide various solutions to facilitate their participation.