Invasion in Ukraine

2nd of March 2022

Only two months ago, at our 2021 conference organised by our Romanian colleagues, Person-Centred and Experiential therapists from all over Europe, Ukrainian and Russian among them, we participated in an atmosphere of friendship, respect, understanding and genuineness.

24 February 2022 dawned with the sudden invasion οf a sovereign European state, leaving us bewildered by the decision to opt for a fierce all-out military attack instead of the diplomatic route.

We are appalled by the Russian Government's aggressive actions that are taking the lives of Ukrainian civilians. Ukraine has suffered severe losses, and we urge the Russian Government to end the invasion.

We support peace negotiations in a climate of genuine understanding as the only step towards ending conflicts and peace.

The core Person-centred values are more necessary than ever. Carl R. Rogers dedicated the last decade of his life to peacekeeping work, leading to his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. He organised workshops and facilitated conflict resolution between feuding groups. Doing this led to better understanding and promoted cross-cultural communication in an environment of empathic listening, authenticity, and positive regard.

Rogers' experience with these workshops and his observations found that involving government officials and policymakers reduced tensions and increased mutual understanding. It's not a naive dream but a scientifically measured outcome towards peace.

Our hearts and minds are with the Ukrainian people and our colleagues there. This is also so concerning the Russian people and our Russian colleagues, who oppose this horrific war by demonstrating and expressing their aversion on the streets, risking their personal liberty.

We urge Russia to end the invasion. We hope that diplomacy and prudent dialogue will prevail.

PCE Europe Social Awareness Committee

Invasion in Ukraine

25th of February 2022

At PCE Europe we are shocked and saddened by what is happening in Ukraine right now. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people and their loved ones all over the world and to our colleagues both in Ukraine and Russia. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

Some may remember that Carl Rogers was very active in the former Soviet Union, giving workshops with the goal to avoid a climax in the Cold War: his last years were dedicated to the peace movement and the urgent desire to avoid a nuclear war.

The current situation contradicts everything that the person-centred approach stands for.

We strongly oppose war as a way to solve conflicts.

Now more than ever it is important to live our person-centred core conditions: acceptance, congruence, empathy, seeing, and understanding the other. And our ethical principles and basic human rights: Dignity, Autonomy, Justice by standing together in support of others.

The Board of PCE Europe