Frequently Asked Questions

Paris, France

PCE Europe Membership

Who can be a member of PCE Europe?

Membership of PCE Europe is open to national person/client centred and experiential Organisations and Institutions in Europe, such as training centres or Professional Associations.

Can an individual become a member?

No, although this is being actively considered. At present only Organisations or Institutions can become members of PCE Europe.

How can an organisation become a member of PCE Europe?

The Organisation can apply for membership. In the first instance, make an informal request by email to our Chair ( In the application you need to include specific information and certain documentation, which is described in detail here. There is an application fee of 150€ payable in advance.

Where can I find a list of PCE Europe members?

The list of our members can be found here.

Is there an annual fee for membership?

Yes. Members pay an annual fee according to their membership size – see below:

less than 50 members € 100,-
51 – 200 members € 200,-
201 – 500 members € 250,-
501 – 1000 members € 350,-
more than 1000 members € 500,-

How can members pay their annual fee?

Annual membership fees can be paid online on this website. Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal. Payment can also be made by a bank transfer to our account. The details can be found here.

Which currencies are accepted by PCE Europe?

Euros or Pounds Sterling.

PCE Europe Certificate

How can I join the PCE Europe certificate holders’ directory?

You can join our certificate holders’ directory by being awarded a Certified Practitioner or a Certified Trainer certificate. In addition, Organisations can apply to become a PCE Europe Certified Organisation. When issuing the certificate, we will also upload your professional details to our Directory.

Where can I find the PCE Europe certificate holders’ directory?

You can find the directory here. Additionally, there is a directory button in the upper right corner of our website’s home page.


Can I use the PCE Europe logo on my website, posters, business cards etc.?

In each case you need a written permission to do so. In order to discuss it, please send an e-mail request to our office. PCE Europe organisational member are likely be granted permission to use our logo on their website, or in the materials describing their activities, but please obtain permission before doing so. Additionally, if organising a conference, symposium or training in conjunction with us it is likely that you will be given permission to use our logo in the advertising materials of the event, but you must ask first. We plan to introduce a special PCE Europe logo stamp in the near future on Certified Practitioners, Certified Trainers and Certified Organisations.