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Trainer Psychotherapy

Registered: 23/04/2021
Address: KANARI 11, DAFNI ATHENS 17235
Country: Greece
Telephone: +306979612535
I am a psychologist/psychotherapist in private practice and an author of books that aim to expand the perspective of psychotherapy on the challenges of the modern world. I specialise in the field of feminism and queer theory, diversity and multicultural challenges, conflicts and communication. I am also a co-founding member and editor-in-chief of Animartists Journal of Psychology, Culture and Awareness as well as a founding member of the Panhellenic Association of Professionals in the Person-Centred Experiential Approach, established on 2018, and I served as Member Board of Directors for the term 2019-2023. Also, from September 2017 to July 2021, I actively participated as a facilitator-trainer in the Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy Master's Program of the College for Humanistic Sciences - ICPS in Greece. In the same period, I was the principal lecturer of the course “Queering Identities: LGBTQIA+ Sexuality and Gender Identity” offered in different master programs of the same institution. As a trainer in the Person-Centered therapeutic approach I share with my students my knowledge, my experiences, the artistic resources I personally draw from- a love for painting, theater, opera, literature as well as my faith and joy in co-creation. More importantly, I encourage them to venture deeper in themselves and life, and benefit from the experiences and intrinsic sources of wisdom they will encounter there. At the same time, I could not disregard that as a trainer I also learn from my students, since every single one of them traces their own personal story, revealing during this journey their own wisdom and authenticity. Finally, I would like to add that at the core of my work as a therapist, author and trainer lies my philosophical and activist identity that drives me to fight for a more liberated and inclusive self and a more liberated and inclusive society. This is why I love working with people and for people because it is my deep belief that those who commune with the essence of psychotherapy bear a great hope for humanity.